Electronics Development

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino Uno R3


Female Bergstick

USB cable A-B

Resistor Box

GPS Module

Buzzer Big

Atmega 16u2 IC

BO Motor

Vibrating Motor


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Self Adhesive ProtoShield

Piezoelectric Plate

keypad 4x4 module

Jumper Cable Male-Male

Capacitive Touch Switch MPR121 Module

Arduino Nano

GPB (80 x 50 mm)


Mini USB Cable

Capacitor Box

Bluetooth Module

Joystick Module


Node MCU

Coloured LEDs

Switch Pack

Solderless 400 pin breadboard

Solderless 400 pin breadboard

7 Segment Display

Motor Driver L293D

Jumper cable male-female

Capacitive Touch Switch

LDR photosensitive sensor module

Arduino Mega

GPB(140 x 50 mm)

9V Battery

Water Pump

Voltage Regulator

Dot LED Matrix


Buzzer Small

Alligator Clips

555 Timer IC

Laser Diode

Solderless 800 pin breadboard

Sound Playback Module

Battery Clip with DC Jack

Jumper cable female-female

Diode & Transistors

Internet of Things and Sensors

MQ Series 2

MQ Series 5

MQ Series 8

Flex Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

Small Microphone Sensor

Capacitive Touch Sensor

RF Transmitter Receiver

Temperature Sensor LM35

Metal Touch Sensor

IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

MQ Series 3

MQ Series 6

MQ Series 135

Power Bank

Pulse Rate Sensor

Triple Axis Magnetometer

Triple Axis Accelerometer

1 Channel Relay Module

Big Microphone Sensor

Water Flow Sensor

IR TSOP Transmitter Receiver

MQ Series 4

MQ Series 7

PIR Sensor

RFID Sensor

Rain Drop Sensor

Humidity Sensor DHT11

2 channel Relay module

Soil Moisture Sensor

Force Pressure Sensor

4 IR Sensor Array Module

Colour Recognition Sensor


Micro Servo Motor

Small Metal Servo Motor MG90S

Stepper Motor With Drive

DC Motor

Continous Servo Motor

Motor Driver Shield L298P

Metal Servo Motor

3 Channel Servo Tester

BO Motor with BO Wheels

DIY Kits

DIY Robotics Kit

Aerospace Kit

Drone Kit

Water Sanitation Kit

Other STEM Kit

AgriTech Kit

Construction Kit

BioMedical Kit

BioTech Kit

Automobile Kit

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